How does it affect you that Donald Trump is president?

truhiIf this event is affecting you emotionally, the first thing to ask yourself is: Is it Donald Trump who creates my reality? Or am I the creator of my reality? The answer is obvious: You create your own reality and would do so even if Hillary Clinton had won. When you let these events affect you in a negative way, you are, to some degree, giving power to strangers who do not really have control of your life unless you give it to them.

You probably begin to argue that this man’s influence on the world is so great that it is inevitable that his triumph will affect you. We are speaking in a neutral way. Depending on who you, the reader of this article, are, you may support him or not. This really is not the point, and it does not matter in essence. The point is that you affirm that the influence of this man is inescapable in the creation of your reality.

I must tell you emphatically and make it clear to you conscientiously that it is the Law of Attraction that is in charge of the reality that you create. Aligning thought with the Universe to attract what you desire to your life is far more powerful than the influence that these famous people can have.

You bring into your life that on which you focus. It’s the story that you tell about your life that really matters. If you focus on telling the story of your life as you want it to be and you feel good while you tell it—no matter what stories others tell—your story is what will manifest in your life. You can make it happen if you focus on it and feel positive, even though these other people are famous personalities.

According to experts, more than 99 percent of the population expects someone else to change their reality. They need to have a leader to trust, for example, or a national project to improve their country’s lifestyle.

I invite you to be part of that minority that have empowered ourselves. We trust that we are the creators of our reality, no matter what world leaders are saying.

It does not matter if these leaders think they have control or not. Your freedom of thought is the most important thing, and the thoughts on which you stay focused give you total control of your life. That is what you will manifest in the near future.

Seeing it this way, the only thing that affects you now that Donald Trump is president is that you have a point of contrast to better clarify the story that you want to tell and to manifest in your life. It would have been the same if Hillary Clinton had won: You would have a point of contrast to the same end.

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The Importance of Money

I agree with Foster Hibbard about this:

“When I hear people playing down the importance of money, calling it evil and sinful, I remember some of the Sunday morning sermons that I have heard over the years. The ministers would expound on poverty as a virtue; about God obviously loving the poor because He made so many of them.

Why is God always blamed for everything that goes wrong? Why should there be virtue in a lack of any kind? Nature is totally abundant and, since we are a part of nature, why shouldn’t we be a part of that abundance?

There is no virtue in lack of any kind. How can lack of love, lack of health, lack of career success or lack of money be called virtuous?

If poverty were a virtue, no churches would be built, no colleges endowed nor would any charities be supported. To the degree that we become ever more affluent, are we able to do good works within our society. Aspire to prosperity, commit to prosperity and always work toward a more prosperous and happy life.”

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Manifesting Money

money-aniManifesting money is only slightly different from manifesting anything else.

Know this first of all: it is YOUR ideas and beliefs about money that are keeping monetary abundance away from you. You must change them. Typically Democrats have more inhibiting money beliefs than Republicans- “it is wrong for me to have money when others do not” or “Anyone who has money becomes/is unfeeling and uncaring” are typical inhibiting beliefs. You MUST come to the viewpoint that money itself is OK.

Overall, money is one of the easiest things to manifest, because whatever psychological garbage we have about money is usually much less than the garbage we have about love/right-work/our-path/weightloss.

Affirmations which will tend to attract money to you: Money is OK. I earn $25,000 a month doing things I love and enjoy. I love having money. I love spending money on my favorite causes. I love giving money away. I love the freedom of having money. I have $500,000 to spend on my education center. I have $2,000,000 for my new home. I live in an abundant universe. I always have everything I really need. I am the source of my abundance. My debts show my and others’ beliefs in my earning ability. I accept prosperity and abundance into my life. People honor and value my work. All the $2,500,000 I spend helps others and comes back to me multiplied. I am grateful for all the money I have and earn. I am open to receive money. I give generously to myself and others. I am generous. I feel great about all the money I spend.

Get your Fantasies Going. Develop very specific fantasies about all the ways you intend to spend the added monies coming to you. New clothes? Plan your shopping now, your trying them on and paying for them by drawing $100 bills from your bulging wallet. Which new car are you selecting? The red one? The small reliable vehicle or your first BMW? Or a used late-model RELIABLE vehicle? Plan it out. How about paying off your old bills? What would you do to celebrate your last one?

Give $5 to that street person in your fantasies and also out there in real life (that will make it more effective and real to you). For a cause you believe to be worthwhile, give MORE than your usual amount NOW. Picture in your mind giving them a whole lot more when you have your desired income. Remember: you get what you concentrate on- if you have no $$$ fantasies going, then you are not concentrating that much, and money is much less likely to manifest for you or will take much longer.

What you need to do:

1. Find your own VIP affirmation concerning money. One effective affirmation to speak out loud concerning money is “I earn $___ per month doing things I love and enjoy” (Fill in your desired amount). Whichever affirmation you select, it needs to be spoken 400-500 times a day. Also, write it out 10-20X daily. And remember to voice it with feeling and enthusiasm!

2. Then select a few others, perhaps 5-10, or perhaps you create a few of your own; say them 10X twice daily. And remember to voice them with feeling and enthusiasm!

3. Expect a monetary reverse of some sort- this is a message from the universe asking “do you really intend to have more money?” To which the best reply is to continue with your affirmations. When I was attempting to manifest more money, within a week a check got lost in the mail (the first time this ever happened to me).

4. Expect some psychological issues to arise concerning money- there will be a mini-psych-war between your old beliefs and your new affirmations. Hopefully you will be able to work your way through those old inhibiting beliefs; if you can’t, then the manifesting process may stop. In my case what immediately arose 24 hours after starting money affirmations was an old “money is tight” belief of my mother’s which I had adopted as a child; this needed to get released. When you have too many old inhibiting beliefs that you do not change, then manifesting more money will NOT happen.

5. You can certainly hope that money will manifest almost immediately, but often it may take a few months for you to align yourself with your own prosperity. Most of us change slowly and deliberately at our own paces. Honor that, respect your process, and know that more monies are on the way provided you are willing to continue to change.

6. Be prepared to change your goals! You may come to the conclusion that the amounts of money you are trying to manifest are not the best for you. Then adjust those amounts! No big deal. If your VIP affirmation seems stale, add fantasies with pictures in your mind of fat wallets or wads of $100 bills, or $100 bills raining down on you every month (picture one of these hundreds of times a day).

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