…ten times more powerful…

There are “How to” seminars on virtually every business topic. For the entrepreneur or 10teachingsbookmid-level manager, business seminars are effective networking tools as well as learning opportunities.

During the course of a day you could have a tremendous amount of technical terms thrown at you, presentations on how to analyze marketing information, effective copy-writing and sales letters that will guarantee a response.

Have it ever occurred to you while attending a seminar about the financial secrets of becoming a millionaire that they are teaching theorems you basically already know? Nevertheless, they are millionaires living the way they do thanks to the same secrets that you supposedly know.

Lately, some gurus have realized that overwhelming attendees with technical how to’s won’t take them to that next level that will help them achieve financial freedom.

The solution has been to turn toward the inner self. To help them get rid of hidden negative beliefs and replace them with winning beliefs. By incorporating in introspective behaviors, anything they teach about real estate, marketing, copy-writing becomes at least ten times more powerful for the dreamers.

Realistically, there is little point in being taught how to write great copy or how to attract copious numbers of people to your website if buried convictions are interfering with your attempts, correct?

Of course, you have to go for “both”. It is good to learn marketing skills and every kind of proper information for your business. But you also need to work inside. Your inner world creates your outer world.

It is good to draw up a plan and setting goals. However, after researching the lives and qualities of many successful people it was clear that you also need to develop your personality.

Your winner personality is manifested as an underlying expression of your qualities or attributes. Your qualities are all the support for you to be successful in life.

As long as you understand the power of your attributes, you can enhance your successful personality. But remember, you need to be a “learn-it-all” not a “know-it-all”.

Be open-minded and take those resources coming to your hands right now. Why resisting that book or that intriguing seminar, if it comes after you followed your hunches to read about success.

Act now! Nobody will be able to discourage you from proceeding with your successful journey. In fact, their resistance will increase your potentiality.

To fully learn the secret power of your attributes and become ten times more powerful…, please read the book “THE TEN ENLIGHTENED TEACHINGS OF THE GRAND MASTERS: A complete guide to making universal laws work for you.

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Another way to look at the making of money

Another way to look at the making of money is viewing it as a change of thought causing a shift in the way energy in the universe is exchanged. This is not so that you may start living like this, but just so that you may see that simply changing your thought causes a re-arranging of the energy in the universe and leads to increased wealth. Let us see how that works historically. Thousands of years ago, people were hunters and gatherers. This was a dangerous and unpredictable way to live. The desire to have more stability and safety caused human beings to think ‘Why do I have to chase after these goats in the wild every day?’ That led to the idea that goats could be kept at home, domesticated. Now, instead of chasing after the goat everyday across the grass plains, man brought the goats together in an enclosure and fed them the same grass from the plains. Even before this new idea, there was always an availability of grass, land and goats – but no one had thought of changing their arrangement, of domesticating the goats. The idea simply changed the way they exchanged each other, the way the different forms of energy was exchanged. A desire for a better life caused a thought that caused betterment in the standard of living, using the same material that was always there. A change of thought pattern caused this.

Next, the human beings desired to reduce their hardships further by acquiring items they needed but did not have. They first did this by going to war with tribes that had these items. Then they desired a much safer way to acquire these items, which led to the idea that they could trade. Again, they improved their lives simply by rearranging their thoughts, causing a change in the way energy in various forms was exchanged.

Trade went along fine; the only problem being the long distances it took a person to carry a goat to exchange it with a bag of wheat in the next village. The desire to exchange faster and more efficiently led to the idea that instead of everyone walking all over the place, they can instead meet at one central spot and show all their goods and trade. A market was formed. Again, look at it closely. All the ingredients had always ever existed, but the idea that it could be done had not. The desire for better caused the idea that caused a shift in the way energy forms were exchanged. Remember the law that says energy is neither created nor destroyed it only changes form. A market did not drop from the heavens on this people. They simply changed their thought pattern and it was done.

Today, the desire to trade even faster has caused us to have currency markets and stock exchanges. Imagine the time when a trader had to walk for half a day to the market, sell one cow, then walk back half a day home. Next came trucks, and farmers could drive several cows to the market and be back home early enough to do another trip. Then came futures and options exchanges, which enabled people to buy and sell thousands of livestock futures and options in seconds without having to get up or move a single cow! Yet, nothing dropped from the heavens. It was all right here. People just desired different, and that desire took an infinite coordination of dozens of seemingly unrelated events to end up with a high-tech futures and options market and the zero need to move the cow at the time of trade.

The sequencing of everything to end up with a result that enabled faster trade and profiting was unpredictable. But because the desire was there, nature fulfilled. But let us go back to the past. The agrarian revolution came along and people, from their desire for more wealth, ended up with ways to improve farming. Again, they simply desired, and that desire led to thought and what had always been there was re-arranged. Nothing dropped from the heavens. But even then, it would take a king three generations to build a good sized home and a fair collection of possessions. The average person did not even think it was possible for them to live in a multi-room brick house with certain amenities – that was for kings and queens.

Today, life is different. We are born assuming, from observation, that a house is something that we shall automatically always live in and that we shall automatically have cloths and certain other things that were reserved for royalty back then. It does not even cross your mind for a moment that you can lack certain things – yet people in the past struggled for generations to get those same things. We have the certainty that they did not have.

The point here is to see the powerful effects of certainty on an individual level and on a wider scale. Certainty of thought causes massive shifts in the way energy is re-arranged. A massive up-shift in certainty of thought and in desire for better always leads to a massive shift in the way energy is re-arranged for a better life. Take, for example, the emergence of the IT boom. You had Bill Gates and hundreds of other young people making massive amounts of wealth in very short periods. People would become billionaires in few years, instead of four generations as it used to take. And as fresh kids out of college watched this happen, they believed they could do it. And many of them believed. And a whole range of new businesses was formed in no time at all. Young people in their twenties were becoming millionaires by the dozens every day. Yet, nothing new dropped from the heavens in those few years. All it took was massive desire, belief, and change of thought. Then the energy that was always there in various forms was re-arranged into a whole bunch of new forms that led to wealth. And just as millions of people today live better than a few kings lived in the past, the very near future will have billions of average people living better than millionaires live today. And nothing new will be dropped from the heavens. We will simply desire better, have certainty on a higher level because we are now beginning to understand how it all works, and we will change our thoughts the right way, and it will just happen in unpredictable and powerful ways.

All that needs to exist is right here and we have it all. The energy packets that make up everything around us, including our bodies, have an unlimited capability to take unlimited and unimaginable forms, as long as the desire is there. They have their own intelligence, and they obey our desires with skill that we cannot imagine. If you analyze any substance at all, from light to thought to metal to flesh, it is all made up of energy packets that that ‘collect’ into atoms, cells and so on. But the amazing thing about these energy packets is that, unlike the forms that they build up, they are not confined in time and space. In other words, they can move from point A to B without crossing the space in between. And they are not confined within the object that they make up. In other words, the energy packets making up your finger right now are not the same ones that will make it up in a few seconds. They can flash up in your finger then flash up in another person’s belly a moment later, or in your light bulb in the house. You do not have your own bunch of energy packets, so to speak. In fact, they are not really particles in the sense that you think of particles. You are forever-sharing these packets with everyone and everything else at all times. And they can ‘travel’ forwards and backwards into time. This is what we, and all matter, are made up of – energy packets flashing in specific patters to form the appearance of shapes. The information that dictates these specific patters is partially made up of our thoughts and partially the thoughts of the rest of the universe.

That is why medicine is now discovering that our thoughts are very much linked to our state of health. And science is discovering that nothing being observed can be observed independently of the observer, because the observer’s expectations and thoughts influence the object under observation.

Money is absolutely linked to our thoughts, desires and certainty, and history and science can prove that to you now. It is in your best interests to improve your own wealth consciousness and that of the world. Your becoming wealthy makes the world wealthy, and the world becoming wealthy makes you wealthy with a whole lot less effort. Look at history to prove this.

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What i really want

It is not my desire to be your teacher. I don’t want to teach you anything. Because, deep down inside of you, you’re a teacher who knows everything. And please, do not take my word for it, just relax and allow everything you know to come out, it is an inside-out job.

I am not looking for followers either, I am not a spiritual leader, just a common guy sharing with you.

That’s it, I just want to share the wonderful experiences I’ve had in my life for practicing the principles you can find in this website.

I’ll be very glad to hear your comments and I will appreciate to share something with you if you allow it.

You can contact me at any time about anything, about any subject.

Is it health? Is it finances? Is it relationships? What is it? Just let me know if you need a shoulder to lean on.

I am not charging anything, because I am already very wealthy, that is why I just want to share the principles that have made a big change in my life.

Please, feel free to contact me at any time.





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Some people call me “Lito Money”

I have been called recently “Lito money”. Many people call me like that. The very interesting point is that I myself never asked them to call me like that.

Therefore, why are they calling me like that?

Well, most of them met me when I was a very poor man in Central America, that was many years ago.

Now, they can see me living a rich life, I am not comparing myself to the richest people in the world.

But when you take into consideration that I was living some years ago in a shuck, pure earth floor, no luxuries at all, they know that my progress is evident.

And I am sure that in a short time I will be among those famous millionaires people.

But you don’t have to believe me.

My purpose is not to have followers, I really don’t care about that.

My purpose is living life to the fullest.

And probably that is the reason why I have been very successful and money has flown to me very easily.

Actually, I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

I am really enjoying life and that’s all that count for me.

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Why Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction?

1Not long ago, I didn’t believe in the law of attraction. I was the perfect prototype of a skeptic. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart I knew there could be something beyond our mainstream way of thinking, but I was not willing to waste my valuable time finding out what it was. Besides, I was afraid to be seen as ridiculous for talking about this subject.

I am an engineer with years of experience producing and maintaining big plants of more than 10,000 workers. Everything in my profession was planned according to studied rules, and we always tried to minimize the unpredictable. It worked. Our job was always satisfactory and went according to plan.

I grew up in a very strict environment. My father constantly emphasized the importance of staying within the bounds of science, because although science could be imperfect, it was the best information available. To climb the ladder of success and compete as a top industry executive I earned three Master’s degrees: one in Business Administration, one in Finance, and one in Marketing. It was an honor for my father to be present at all my graduations.

I remember when big companies called me to work for them. I said “No,” several times. On one occasion I was offered a good job in Houston, Texas earning about $4,000 a month, but I rejected it – just because I wanted to.

All of this suddenly changed when I stopped working after four and a half years in the industry because I thought I had already earned enough to retire. My friends and some relatives laughed at me because I was retiring so young. But now I understand that the Universe wanted to teach me a wonderful new way to be successful. That’s why I didn’t pay an expert copywriter to write this letter to you, because I want to communicate the essence of what really works without any marketing make-up.

Four years after I stopped working my life changed. Big companies would no longer accept me because of that long period of inactivity, so I had to accept poorly paid jobs just to survive. I went into deep debt, lost happiness, and began to appear older than my age. I would easily lose my temper, and any effort to improve my life just became worse.

At the point when I began to lose hope, I started reading books about the Law of Attraction. I was skeptical, but I had nothing left to lose.

After reading about 300 books on the subject, I was very confused about what was the first step, the second, and so forth. But ironically, the only way to prove whether this law worked was to follow the same scientific method I had always defended: understand the theory, put it into practice, and demonstrate whether it works.

So, despite the fact that I didn’t have a clear schema of how to do things, I decided to practice the law of attraction to get a brand new car. I couldn’t tell you whose method I used; I just combined everything I had read and did it my way. This is what I did:

First I envisioned a clear idea of what I wanted: a brand new car. I was going to get it in three months. Sometimes I think I just wanted to show that this law wouldn’t work. But as a good scientist, I had to stick to the rules.

I visualized my car every day, but according to the law of attraction you have to feel as if you already have it. In your mind it is true despite your current circumstances. You have to convince yourself it is already yours and enjoy it profoundly; this is the only way for it to work.

So I followed the scientific method. I relaxed three times a day: when I woke up, right after lunch, and before sleeping.

During these exercises I visualized peaceful places like parks, forests, landscapes, beaches, colorful birds, quiet skies, and so forth. I convinced myself these places were true. Sometimes I imagined Albert Einstein telling me, “Never forget, my best tool as a scientist has been imagination.” So little by little, I convinced my subconscious that what I was imagining was my truth, and I enjoyed it in my imagination. I imagined my happy face while driving the car.

Two months and 29 days passed by. I was deeper in debt, obtaining the same low income and still driving my old car. My credit card debt increased, partly because I often had to fix my car. “Aha!” I thought; I had finally demonstrated that the popular spiritual law of attraction doesn’t work.

However, the daily practice had affected my subconscious more deeply than I imagined, because I was combining arguments from several books. I had read in other books that self talk makes a difference. So besides my three daily exercises, I also constantly checked my inner dialogue, and if disempowering thoughts crossed my mind I rapidly changed them into empowering thoughts.

I became an expert in this, convincing myself that it was not really me who was complaining but my fearful ego. I also learned to easily transform feelings and thoughts of anger or anxiety into happiness. With practice this became natural.

Despite this new mindset, it seemed that the theory hadn’t worked…at least that’s what I thought. However, I had also learned through my reading about combining thankfulness and detachment. These three months I had practiced being thankful all the time, even if events were not unfolding as I expected. One night before the end of the three months, I decided to practice detachment one more time.

I remember that it was a Wednesday, and I was going to bed around 10 pm. Usually I went to bed no later than 8 pm because I had to start working at 6 am and the place was not nearby. To be honest, that night I felt a little sad; I was deep in debt with my old car and my low income.

Even worse, my last hope in life, the law of attraction, seemed not to be working. I call it my last hope because at the beginning it was just an experiment for me. However, after almost three months (2 months and 29 days) my subconscious had begun to view it as hope, my only hope.

That night I was just going to sleep, willing to practice my exercise gratefully when the phone rang. I got mad. I was getting to bed late and something that never happened was happening now; it occurred to somebody to call me too late. It was my oldest sister.

“Come on!” I said in my mind, exasperated. My sister and I did not have the best relationship. When I was a kid she often treated me badly and would become upset with me because she said my mom spoiled me a lot. Besides, she was broke most of the time, and my first thought was that she was calling to ask for money or some kind of help.

What could I do for her with my low income, deep debt, old car and my last hope not working? But despite all this, I tried to be polite.

“Hi sister.”

“Hi little kid.”

“Why do you call me little kid?”

“Remember, you are the youngest brother in the family.”

“Okay, anyway, what can I do for you, sister?”

“Do you remember that old property you advised me to buy years ago? And I almost died doing the impossible to pay for it.”

“Come on,” I thought, “she wants me to give her some money to pay the lawyer to arrange the property papers.”

“Aha, what’s up, sister?”

“Well, I sold it.”


“Yes, I sold it, for ten times what I paid some years ago, thanks to your good advice. And now…”

“Now what; please tell me; remember, I wake up very early in the morning and you call me at this time of the night.”

“I know, little kid, but I thought this gift is worth it.”

“What gift?” I said.

“I am going to give you a new brand car as a gift, you know. I got plenty of money now to do that, and I never thought about it before, but for one reason or another I feel a strong feeling to give you a Chevrolet Optra LS with full equipment, brand new this year. And I am really convinced that you can’t reject it.”

My jaw dropped to the floor. Here she was, my oldest sister, the one who had always given me grief. I absolutely never expected something like this from her. She was broke all the time. She always called me to borrow money or to ask for some kind of help. She was divorced and never got married again, and having two teenagers – one in high school and another in the first year of college – was not easy.

Here I was in the 89th day of my 90-day exercise, and see what was happening? The Universe was fulfilling my dream through a person from whom I never expected anything!

“Good night, little kid. I am going to deposit the money tomorrow in your bank account, so don’t forget to check it out. You don’t want me to do everything and go to buy it and drive it to your home, right?”

“Of course not; have a good night sister.”

As soon as we hung up, I practiced my exercise and went to sleep. I didn’t give too much importance to the incident. The next day at work was very hard. I was immersed in my job and completely forgot the conversation with my sister. It was already dark when I got home, and as soon as I got in the phone rang.

“Little kid, I deposited the money in your bank account. Did you check it out? By the way, I deposited an extra $500 just in case you need something else.”

My phone is on the desk beside my computer, so I quickly turned my PC on and checked my balance online. She HAD deposited the money, and I thanked her from the deepest part of my heart fifty times; I remember it perfectly.

Soon after, I called my friend Charles who works for a Toyota car dealer. He knew about my financial situation so his first reaction was, “Lito, I am not in the mood for jokes right now.” “It is true,” I replied, “my sister gave me the money; an old debt, you know.”

Right after lunch the next day, he called me. He had gotten me a $500 discount because I was going to pay cash. Can you picture that; a man with low income, an old car and deep debt was going to pay cash for a brand new car with full equipment?

Throughout the three-month exercise, I had been thinking every day how wonderful it would be if I could have an extra $1000 just to invest in an Internet business. The Universe gave me that too: the extra $500 that my sister deposited and the $500 discount from Charles. I didn’t ask for it deliberately as I did with the car. But I believe the Universe gave it to me because I was thinking about that $1000 dollars every day, feeling really good about it and practicing detachment.

I don’t know why, but detachment is key. Please understand I am no guru, and I am telling you about my experience not as a guru, but as an ordinary guy sharing what the law of attraction has done for me and can do for you. Since that time, miracles haven’t stopped in my life.

The first time I put the law of attraction into practice I was picking things up from here and there, combining different tools and theories, re-reading many books, and sometimes becoming exhausted during the process. I did this because I wanted to prove the law scientifically.

By this time, I had read many books and experienced many things, so after I got my car I decided to create my own manual about the law of attraction.

I prepared 10 chapters to refresh the theory in my mind. Then I prepared 1-3 exercises at the end of each chapter in order to put the theory into practice right away. Now, instead of consulting many books all the time, I had a step-by-step manual with simple exercises at the end of each chapter. It was time to prove whether my manual worked according to the scientific method.

At this point I determined to clear my debts using my manual. I had never maxed out my credit cards because I had good credit before, and my credit limit was high. Even so, my credit card debt was more than 10 grand. For me, that was really a lot.

Because my manual has 10 chapters and exercises at the end of each chapter, I decided to practice 6 cycles of 10 days over 2 months. The manual is comprehensive and step-by-step, so if it worked, it would now be very easy to practice the law of attraction.

I was ready to start out on Saturday, but the Friday before I was going to start they fired me. “Come on, man,” I thought, “I am going to practice a 60-day exercise to clear my debt, and now I am apparently without any income at all.” My way of thinking had changed a lot – I thought “apparently” no income. I was not a period guy anymore.

I knew that if I practiced the exercises anyway and really felt it, I was going to feel great because you have to believe that what you are visualizing is already yours. That’s the part I love most about the law of attraction. As soon as you convince your subconscious that what you are imagining is real, somehow your mind accepts it, and you feel great even though your eyes see different apparent circumstances.

During the fifth day practicing my manual, my friend Frank called me.

“Lito, I got some good customers and I have no time to take care of them. I trust you can help me with that.”

“But Frank, you know, I know almost nothing about sales.”

“No problem, I know my customers very well, and I am going to tell you exactly how to treat them and what to tell them, even your gestures.”

I visited these guys as Frank instructed me, but I didn’t see a clear signal that they were going to buy anything. I didn’t want to complain, though, because I didn’t have enough experience with sales to judge what was really happening. Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist.

Finally, one of these customers bought more than expected, and the next week after I finished my sixth cycle of exercises, I got a big commission. It was enough to pay for about 95% of my debt, food, gas, and other bills. Two months later I got the final part of my commission and could pay the debt completely. Lo and behold, the manual worked!

The interesting part about this example is that when I finished the 60-day exercise I thought my manual didn’t work. I also thought that maybe I was seeking too much attention because I dared to prove my manual in 60 days, while my first successful exercise combined the 90-day techniques of very well know gurus.

Happily, the week after I finished the 60-day exercise, the Universe showed me that I had learned the lesson. That is very important to me. It doesn’t matter that I am living proof that the law of attraction works; I am always a ‘learn-it-all’ because that is better than being a ‘know-it-all.’

I gave my manual a name I feel is very appropriate because this is the way it has worked for me: A Complete Guide to Making Universal Laws Work for You.

I have practiced the principles and exercises in my manual, and in return reaped the following:

  • A better income. On one occasion, I made almost $5,000 in a couple of days. For me, that’s a lot. In my last job, before I started to experiment with the law of attraction, I made only about $150 a week.
  • The laptop I always wanted.
  • Attendance at very expensive seminars for free.
  • Fully sponsored travel.
  • A free copy of the movie The Secret.

I don’t have enough space to tell you so many wonderful stories. But one really wonderful story for me is that you are reading this letter right now.

I have practiced the principles and exercises in my manual in order to attract many people so that I can share these principles and exercises with them. I love it!

My manual has become very popular among some modern gurus: Joe Vitale, John Harricharan, Patric Chan, and Terri Levine (among others) have all offered my manual to their respective subscriber lists. You can read their testimonials in my home page. http://tenpowersbook.com/

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How does it affect you that Donald Trump is president?

truhiIf this event is affecting you emotionally, the first thing to ask yourself is: Is it Donald Trump who creates my reality? Or am I the creator of my reality? The answer is obvious: You create your own reality and would do so even if Hillary Clinton had won. When you let these events affect you in a negative way, you are, to some degree, giving power to strangers who do not really have control of your life unless you give it to them.

You probably begin to argue that this man’s influence on the world is so great that it is inevitable that his triumph will affect you. We are speaking in a neutral way. Depending on who you, the reader of this article, are, you may support him or not. This really is not the point, and it does not matter in essence. The point is that you affirm that the influence of this man is inescapable in the creation of your reality.

I must tell you emphatically and make it clear to you conscientiously that it is the Law of Attraction that is in charge of the reality that you create. Aligning thought with the Universe to attract what you desire to your life is far more powerful than the influence that these famous people can have.

You bring into your life that on which you focus. It’s the story that you tell about your life that really matters. If you focus on telling the story of your life as you want it to be and you feel good while you tell it—no matter what stories others tell—your story is what will manifest in your life. You can make it happen if you focus on it and feel positive, even though these other people are famous personalities.

According to experts, more than 99 percent of the population expects someone else to change their reality. They need to have a leader to trust, for example, or a national project to improve their country’s lifestyle.

I invite you to be part of that minority that have empowered ourselves. We trust that we are the creators of our reality, no matter what world leaders are saying.

It does not matter if these leaders think they have control or not. Your freedom of thought is the most important thing, and the thoughts on which you stay focused give you total control of your life. That is what you will manifest in the near future.

Seeing it this way, the only thing that affects you now that Donald Trump is president is that you have a point of contrast to better clarify the story that you want to tell and to manifest in your life. It would have been the same if Hillary Clinton had won: You would have a point of contrast to the same end.

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The Importance of Money

I agree with Foster Hibbard about this:

“When I hear people playing down the importance of money, calling it evil and sinful, I remember some of the Sunday morning sermons that I have heard over the years. The ministers would expound on poverty as a virtue; about God obviously loving the poor because He made so many of them.

Why is God always blamed for everything that goes wrong? Why should there be virtue in a lack of any kind? Nature is totally abundant and, since we are a part of nature, why shouldn’t we be a part of that abundance?

There is no virtue in lack of any kind. How can lack of love, lack of health, lack of career success or lack of money be called virtuous?

If poverty were a virtue, no churches would be built, no colleges endowed nor would any charities be supported. To the degree that we become ever more affluent, are we able to do good works within our society. Aspire to prosperity, commit to prosperity and always work toward a more prosperous and happy life.”

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