…ten times more powerful…


I want you to have success…unimaginably great success, and I want to show you how you can do this.

I want you to have more success, but I learned that you have to do something inside yourself to actually achieve it or attract it.

You have to have a success mindset. Before opening a new successful business you need to work inside. Let me tell you how

There are “How to” seminars on virtually every business topic. For the entrepreneur or mid-level manager, business seminars are effective networking tools as well as learning opportunities.

During the course of a day you could have a tremendous amount of technical terms thrown at you, presentations on how to analyze marketing information, effective copy-writing and sales letters that will guarantee a response.

Have it ever occurred to you while attending a seminar about the financial secrets of becoming a millionaire that they are teaching theorems you basically already know? Nevertheless, they are millionaires living the way they do thanks to the same secrets that you supposedly know.

Lately, some gurus have realized that overwhelming attendees with technical how to’s won’t take them to that next level that will help them achieve financial freedom.

The solution has been to turn toward the inner self. To help them get rid of hidden negative beliefs and replace them with winning beliefs. By incorporating in introspective behaviors, anything they teach about real estate, marketing, copy-writing becomes at least ten times more powerful for the dreamers.

Realistically, there is little point in being taught how to write great copy or how to attract copious numbers of people to your website if buried convictions are interfering with your attempts, correct?

Of course, you have to go for “both”. It is good to learn marketing skills and every kind of proper information for your business. But you also need to work inside. Your inner world creates your outer world.

It is good to draw up a plan and setting goals. However, after researching the lives and qualities of many successful people it was clear that you also need to develop your personality.

Your winner personality is manifested as an underlying expression of your qualities or attributes. Your qualities are all the support for you to be successful in life.

As long as you understand the power of your attributes, you can enhance your successful personality. But remember, you need to be a “learn-it-all” not a “know-it-all”.

Be open-minded and take those resources coming to your hands right now. Why resisting that book or that intriguing seminar, if it comes after you followed your hunches to read about success.

Act now! Nobody will be able to discourage you from proceeding with your successful journey. In fact, their resistance will increase your potentiality.

To fully learn the secret power of your attributes and become ten times more powerful…, please read the book “THE TEN ENLIGHTENED TEACHINGS OF THE GRAND MASTERS: A complete guide to making universal laws work for you”.



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