Manifesting Money

10teachingsbookSome simple qualities, if developed, can bring you to a world of success and richness effortlessly while enjoying the journey. Ten is just a symbolic number representing an endless range of numbers given to list the qualities of human beings. Ten implies a meaning of completeness. That is why ten powers or attributes were chosen.

After you learn the essence of these ten powers and practice them in your daily life, the names of the attributes will not be important any more in the sense that you will be complete and ready to practice any other necessary attribute to be always happy and inspired. The name is not important; it is the energy behind the attitudes and deeds called and defined by those names. For now, let us define the ten powers as your completeness and “allness”. Allness meaning to know all of something makes you aware that allness is available to you through the practice of these attributes.

These powers unfold a feeling hidden in the same essence of your soul called prosperity. Prosperity is the feeling of having it all because you feel part of the wholeness of the Universe. Prosperity allows you to attract fields of energy called opportunities, which you manifest as currency and material goods. It is a job in the interior, it is an inner process: you can change others and your environment by changing yourself. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.”

Focus on ways of getting everything you want. In other words, your personal growth will move you to focus on what you really want, without drifting, and you will start finding the information, the people, the relationships, the books, the seminars… everything to be happy and successful. And, depending on the intensity of your passion and growth, this could happen to you in a very short time. You are going to succeed while learning to be centered.

Thomas Alva Edison, on the other hand, said, “My main purpose in life is to make money so I can afford to go on creating more inventions….” In that case, whatever your mission is, you will be provided with sufficient amounts of money to fulfill your mission in life. But you have to find your mission first. After that, just cultivate these ten attributes and you will have the power to fulfill your mission. You’ll get everything you want. Love is the light guiding you to your mission in life. At the end of this Ten Attributes Pathway, love and light are no longer distant objects, but part of your true nature: be happy and inspired every moment.

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