How to Attract Money

Abundant money

Abundance of Money

You are a fortunate person. It isn’t an accident that this article has found its way into your hands. As far as the intelligence within the universe is concerned there are no accidents – all is done on purpose, because deep within the core of reality there is a divine plan.

Our meeting has been orchestrated by the hand of providence. It was meant for us to come together for the divine purpose of exposing the principles of prosperity so that we could use them to attract material wealth into our life without effort or strain.

My spirit is eager to share the knowledge of the beliefs of prosperity. Prosperity is synonymous with abundance, opulence, ease, affluence, easy street, boom, thriving, well-being. It is natural for you to desire prosperity on all levels of the financial, mental, spiritual and physical. Prosperity is your heavenly estate of well-being; namely, health and wealth incorporated in the reality of your existence.

I believe that prosperity is your birthright. It is up to you, however, to recognize it as well. When you do you will find yourself in agreement with me. And whenever two or more people are inspired the level of motivation is out of this world, it is a heavenly encounter – positive vibrations flow back and forth – creating an extraordinary vortex of dynamic energy. In essence, we are in rapport, good vibes, kindred in spirit. Simply put, we’ve connected with each other. And what was once thought impossible becomes possible because two minds are better than one.

Listen with the intent to hear what I am saying to you. I am not speaking so much for your outer level of consciousness. I am quite aware that your conscious mind is hearing as well as giving critical judgment to every word I write. And that’s okay. Healthy skepticism is good as far as it goes. When healthy skepticism becomes unhealthy skepticism then distrust and doubt begin.

The words I write are from the spirit of liberating truth. The outer level of the conscious mind may not know this as a fact. Yet, the subconscious not only knows but acts upon the truth as easily as a flower opens to the sunlight without, effort or strain. If you will listen to what I have to say – with the intent to do as I direct – you can’t help but learn how to attract money into your life. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Think about this for a second. If you can see eternity in a grain of sand, you can see the light of the truth in a grain of salt.

Realization will come forth and brighten your mind and uplift your spirit, and the truth will become known to you. Realization after realization will be yours to enjoy as I communicate. The more you realize the more you grasp the ideas I am presenting, the more you understand where I am coming from, the more you conceive of the truth I am conveying to your subconscious mind. That’s all you need to do, believe it or not. Just do nothing like Jesus said He did. Let the creative genius within you make sense of everything I am sharing.

You must learn how to think like the wealthy if you desire to be well-to-do. Wealthy people spend very little of their money. The wealthy are wealthy because they know how to save their money while using the money of other people to make more money. Money is a symbol of compensation for your work. It is a medium of exchange for services rendered. The more current we are with the present moment the more we are in present time. And whenever you are in present time, in the now, you see things like you never did before. Your mind is clear and you see opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise. The more current we are in present time, the more currency in terms of money we can bank upon.

The whole idea of having money is for the money to work for you rather than you work for the money. Changing your mind is truly changing your perceptions. And, seeing things from a different light, a brighter light makes this change easy, easy as can be.

We can’t change our mind until we have a change of heart. Your mind is your thoughts and affections while your heart is your will and understanding. Only when the two – the mind and heart – are in absolute agreement will you experience the wealth of prosperity on a financial level of reality.

Changing your mind is changing the thoughts your think and form into mental image pictures. Changing your heart is changing your attitude from priding yourself on what you have learned to humbling yourself because you realize that learning is a never ending process. If your mind and heart are in agreement that you are ready, willing and able to invest quality time with you, with me, right now, then let’s get on with it. There’s no time like the present to clear consciousness and arise in that consciousness of abundance where your financial life will blossom like a well kept rose garden.

You do not need to break down into parts everything that is written here. Analysis isn’t necessary for attracting money in your life. All you need to do is – DO IN MIND exactly what you desire to experience in your body, and pretend that it is so. In other words, imagine what it would be like if the experience you have in mind was taking place now.

Analysis can block you when desiring prosperity because of the old saying he who hesitates is lost. Money and time are one in the financial world of business. You do not want to waste time because time is money, for all practical purposes. Use your mind’s eye and picture as well as feel what you want to experience. Do it now. Think up what you desire, make up what you want to believe and begin acting as though it were so, right now!

Analysis can’t do what imagination can do without effort or strain. Analysis separates you from the experience you are desiring while the imagination will bring it forth. Whenever there is a conflict between the imagination and the will the imagination always wins. Those who say they CAN’T are just as correct in their outlook as those who say they CAN.

There is the realm of the physical as well as the nonphysical. The nonphysical is often called the metaphysical or psychical realm. Psychic ability is the awareness of the soul essence in action when faith is applied as concentrating upon a single goal.

It is when you depart the physical space and get into your psychic space that you bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind hypnotizing you into thinking something is true when it is not. For example: Many people have grown up with the belief that they must work hard for a living. And because of this programmed belief, stored in their subconscious – guess what – they not only work hard for a living but they become hard on themselves because they aren’t living up to their own expectations. Something eventually has to go – either themselves or the belief. There are countless false beliefs stored in the subconscious mind of most people. No wonder why people fail themselves miserably. Just as you take your physical garbage out and dump it – periodically, you must take your mental garbage out and dump it.

My teacher taught me well that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, but that He is not going to hand it to us on a silver platter. We must reach inside ourselves by imagining that we have it. We do that by picturing and feeling differently than what our eyes see and ears hear. It is called turning your mind around for a change. It is going beyond physical sight into the exercise of metaphysical sight. And since wisdom comes out of insight, it is our personal responsibility to think well if we desire to experience being well-to-do on a financial, mental, spiritual and physical level of reality.

The psychic ability to richly imagine is a precious gift bestowed upon the entire humanity – not just a chosen few. All spiritual gifts are concealed within us and unusable for all practical purposes until we discover them. And, of course, we can’t discover them by the usual way of thinking. Ordinary thinking doesn’t work when desiring the extraordinary. So, we must think differently for things to go differently- in other words, in a different way than we ordinarily do.

Ordinarily we are caught up in the role of the analyst. We are the one who analyzes, we examine, scrutinize, investigate, study in detail, assess carefully, inspect, probe, determine features of something. We are so busy comparing and distinguishing between things that we don’t truly realize this mental activity is what blocks prosperity. Analysis subdivides things. It separates you from your experience. It is a process that involves itself with what has happened rather than what can happen. It is an ordinary thing to do when you are caught up in the trappings of the world that keeps you thinking in terms of lack and limitation.

To get beyond the ordinary you must think in terms of the extraordinary. This is to say, you must imagine the remarkable to be so even though it appears not to be so. You will find that you have phenomenal results when you do it with all of your heart, soul and strength. Having fun with pretending is just playing make believe that it is real. And in due time, what appears to be a fantasy, is transformed into a reality and you can hardly believe your eyes.

Imagination is the key that unlocks the door to higher consciousness, and acting as though it is true opens the door so that you can walk into the dream, living it as a reality, knowing it will become an actuality in the near future.

We must think in the direction of the wondrous. We must put our attention on the mental image pictures of what we want to experience rather than what we don’t want to experience. We must imagine the remarkable if we are to have the phenomenal experience of attracting large sums of money. Without the incredible power of our imagination we can’t transform a dream into reality.

The extraordinary isn’t the common way but the uncommon. The remarkable is inconceivable for the poor in spirit. The phenomenal is incredible because it is exceptional, beyond belief, amazing and most of all profoundly simple. And by involving ourselves with thinking up the mental images, we learn to think and grow rich in the mental laboratory of the mind for the body to enjoy the lifestyle we choose to experience for eternity.

You can attract money as easily as a magnet can attract iron filings. It is just a matter of thinking differently than the way of the poor. Think like the well-to-do and you will find yourself in the experience of the well-to-do. Wealth isn’t just for the rich and famous. It is for those aware people that principle themselves in prosperity consciousness.

Some people aren’t wealthy because they are poor in spirit. In other words, their attitude sucks, it is negative, and so is their outlook, looking for money to spend rather than invest. And to some degree they have little choice because they are caught up in the trappings of survival. Even if they were immediately taken out of the impoverished lifestyle and given more than enough money for survival needs, they would return to the lifestyle of lack and limitation and of the poor in spirit because they lack awareness as how to think differently.

Thinking the same old way causes things to go the same old way. Unless the impoverished change their habit of thinking the negative patterns will live in them forever. Wealthy people attract money because they are unlike the poor. The affluent do not see themselves borrowing money from the bank, they see that they are doing the bank a favor by renting the money. The interest they pay to rent the money is considered a business expense. Without renting money the bank can’t stay in business. The well-to-do take an interest in keeping full the vaults of the bank by paying interest on the capital they rent for investment purposes. It is a “win-win” situation for the bankers and the creative people with the genius of prosperity consciousness working on their behalf.

Thinking big is thinking in terms of abundance. One cannot become wealthy by thinking in terms of being poor. The two ways of thinking are as different as night and day. Holding your attention on what you want to experience rather than what you don’t want to experience is keeping the faith active. Your faith is intact because you are working by picturing and feeling that it is so. You are focused on doing one thing and one thing only; namely, picturing and feeling in your subconscious what you want to experience regardless of the competitive forces vying for your attention.

If you want to attract the kind of wealth that goes far beyond the filthy rich, it is up to you to create the mental atmosphere necessary to bring it to you. And such a mental atmosphere has been often called the kingdom of heaven. A kingdom is a realm, dominion, domain, empire or sovereignty. Getting into your psychic space is getting into your kingdom, into your heaven, into your consciousness. It requires thinking for yourself.

The Bible states that the kingdom of heaven is within you. The Course of Miracles goes one step further and says that the word “within” is not needed. In other words, the kingdom of heaven is you, consciousness. And, if the kingdom of heaven is sovereignty, common sense informs you that you are a sovereign in your own right. Furthermore, Holy Writ declares that you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free, liberate you, awaken you from thinking otherwise.

Begin your liberation by directing your mind away from the past. In other words, visualize. Visualizing isn’t hard to do. It is easy when you realize that to visualize is to “think up” – to invent – to conceive – to conjure – to envision – to formulate – to fancy. In essence – to imagine through the joyous activity of pretending as if it is real. The game of playing “make believe” is the key that unlocks and opens the doors of the imagination where dreams can become transformed into reality.

A dream is nothing more than a series of mental images playing in your mind like a movie projection. Using your imagination by pretending that something is happening for real will stimulate the subconscious into drawing the physical equivalent into your life.

Know that you are worthy of total prosperity. Make the decision, right now, to accept your good through financial flow. Picture and feel that your good is now coming to you through financial flow. And, you are in agreement that you will automatically do the positive things that are necessary to attract more cash flow than ever before in your life.

You are alert and aware of opportunities that come your way from this point forward, including chances to earn good money when situations present themselves.

You are alert and aware that it is spiritual arrogance to refuse what is offered to you. Even if you do not want what is offered you may just be a vehicle for someone in need to receive.

You are very aware and alert to the opportunity for your increased cash flow. Part of that good includes doing things and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good.

You are worthy of total prosperity: financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

You are worthy of total prosperity and you now think in terms of large sums of money flowing to you, around you and through you.

You allow your spiritual influx of prosperity consciousness to flow through you, as well as poverty consciousness to flow out from you.

You do not horde your money just to save for a rainy day. Such a notion will create a rainy day.

You are wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove in your psychic ability to visualize a better way than ever before.

You save money with the intent to invest so that the money will work for you rather than you have to work for the money.

You control your money rather than your money controlling you. And in doing so you recognize the power within you to express greatness.

You recognize to invest is to empower yourself beyond belief.

You can see clearly what your priorities are; you can see clearly where your priorities are.

You will attract to you the cash flow equivalent to the motivation and the determination to bring that cash flow to you. You now see more clearly opportunities to increase that cash flow.

Your sight has transformed from negative to positive now. You see things in a whole new light. Situations and events once seen as big problems are tiny now, leaving and departing, disappearing. You can see now where misperceptions blocked your abundant cash flow. You do a lot of good and positive things with your increased cash flow. You allow the influx of your prosperity consciousness, you accept the money that is equivalent to what you do. You see more clearly your value. And you demand that your value is respected by receiving an appropriate financial reward as well as a generous cash flow.

Prosperity is an abstract idea of wealth beyond belief. Use the canvas of your mind and paint your ideal picture of abundance. Paint your picture of wealth, paint the picture in your mind. Color in everything you want. Make certain that your picture includes all that you desire on a financial, mental, spiritual and physical level of reality.

Include such financial things as stocks and bonds, gold, cash, investments.

Include such mental things as good common sense, balance, good mental health, coherence, etc.

Include such spiritual things as identity with your source, prosperity consciousness, unconditional love, forgiveness, charity.

Include such physical things as real property, real friends, real companionship, real assets.

See yourself having these things as well as enjoying these things as your own.

Picture it as so, and while it is so, feel as though it is so. So much so, that you can honestly say, and so it is!

Use your prosperity consciousness while you day dream and the day will come when your dream is no longer a dream; the dream will have transformed into a reality because you refused to quit dreaming that what you pictured and felt was real as real can be.

All good things, all things of prosperity are now coming into your life.

“Freedom is the Essence of Life”

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  1. Very nice and beautifully written article! Thank you for the wonderful advice. Peace!

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