How to Attract Money


The key to wealth is consciousness. Ask yourself honestly and without fear, “How rich can I be?” The unstoppable answer is as rich as you think you can be or as wealthy as you desire. It is in accordance with your wealth consciousness.

If you are not living a life of richness, prosperity and abundance go into your past. Find out the kind of program you received from your parents and all those people who surrounded you. Take it as the way they showed you their love. There is no place for resentment, it is only a matter of being clear.

Then, ask in silence to be healed. Don’t follow your ego. Listen to the voice of the spirit. Look for someone else to help you. Share your fears and be willing to change. Relax and be conscious that the spirit is always there to help you. Open your mind with no doubts. Ask yourself, what choices about money and wealth have you already completed? But know and accept as true that as you think so shall you be.

You can attain economic freedom and total self-determination if you decide it and if you are willing to do the spiritual healing work.

closerFirst, you have to understand that like the spirit, your thoughts and your smile, money is energy. The energy of money flows to us like love. The energy of money is really part of universal love. And love only comes to you if you love yourself. We all deserve love. Loving others and ourselves heals us.

Don’t make money the principal objective of your life, but be conscious you deserve it and when it comes, embrace it with love. Share with others. Use it as a way to love others. Don’t play the role of God, systematically paying the bills of others, unless it is a generous form of charity and the spirit leads you by the hand to do so.

Certainly, use money to serve God through your service to humanity, but at the same time don’t feel guilty enjoying the pleasures of life. Spend your money and invest it. Wealth consciousness is love. Love is the spirit. Love and the spirit are light. Light is energy. Money is energy. But money is not your guidance, love is.

Money frees you if you are conscious of helping others to get it. This temporary human experience on Earth is to enjoy life and money is a means to freedom of mind, body and spirit.

Look around and wish all other people to have abundant money to enjoy. Let your money flow effortlessly. Teach others how you got your money and pray to God for them to get it. Money is energy. The supply of energy is infinite. Don’t be afraid of helping others get money. There is enough for everyone now and all the time.

And if you don’t have all the money you want yet, ask yourself if you are in the proper place. Maybe you are not doing your job with happiness. Learn to love what you do. If you can’t love what you do after trying consciously, find a new way to make a living. Ask the spirit what to do to fulfill your mission on earth. Take the steps when you feel comfortable in your heart, mind, body and soul of what you want to be doing.

Do something to help you empty your mind of negativity and pessimism. Fill your mind with optimism. Play your natural role of eternal optimist. Money is positive energy. You can create this positive energy flow by being conscious of the manifestation of your dreams.

The only way to stop the struggle to obtain material things is living in the spirit.

That is why sometimes what is missing is greater then what you have.

The better you feel about learning new lessons through your bad events, the more you will increase your energy to be eternally happy in the spirit. In this moment, nasty amounts of everything you need – money, pets and relationships will be attracted into your life.

And the more you share and give away the more you will attract effortlessly. You will never feel hollow inside. The emptiness you promote will be automatically filled with greatness. “I think, therefore I am,” is not a faint idea anymore; it is the very foundation of creating our future by ourselves.

If you feel money is not flowing easily to you, please, contact me, it’ll be my pleasure to assist you.

“Freedom is the Essence of Life”

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